Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Ending my New Blogger protest

Casino M8trix is supposed to be open in "Spring 2012"  Unfortunately the City of San Jose has delayed approval so I have had to wait as owners expected it to open 1 month ago.  My wife has a bad opinion of Bay 101 due to an old neighbor (prior to eviction) playing too much there so it is not worth the drama for me to go there.  Garden City was acceptable which is strange because realistically it was seedier which is why the owners built M8trix and transferred license. In the meantime my only choice for real local poker is banned.

I will journey to Lake Tahoe in a week because they have finally sent me an offer I can not refuse.  I have been granted 3 free nights + 3 $100 promotional chips.  As well as a non-conflicting $100 chip offer as well as free Mother's day bauble.

I was thinking if I get $400 from Harrah's to gamble with and I stick to playing craps at .5% house edge there is no way I should not be net positive even after paying $50 for gas.

I asked the wife if she wanted to go Mother's Day in manner that there was no way I sound serious and she decided she wanted to see Lake in non Winter situation for 1st time.

Today it dawned on me that my entourage costs will exceed the $400 in meals alone.

 I could get the $400 in slot credits and play Cashman as Grubby would or play Video Blackjack as Tony would.  But I think I will have to figure out a way to augment my craps play with chips.

I am not sure if it is allowed for me to bet $100 on pass $100 on don't and $4 out of my pocket on 12, to leave me a guaranteed cash of $96 on each of 1st 3 chips and left to play the remaining chip un-hedged.

The other extreme is to bet $100 on pass line and bet $300, $400 or $500 as odds where I think if there is no house edge it is a moral imperative to reach into own pocket for the $100-$200 to max odds.

The other approach I am considering is to bet my normal $10 Pass and max odds out of pocket.  Follow it up with $25 buys of 4 & 10 and $48-$51 inside and betting promotional $100 come to insure against the dreaded Recess.I could then take down the places and buys for the numbers rolled and et come again until turn ended or all the promotional chips were on numbers.

Still have 10 days to figure out strategy but most important thing is to make sure wife and kid are not bored.


lightning36 said...

Dang -- I've gotta play some craps. Got the free nights offer, but no promotional chips for this degenerate poker player.

Should our paths cross in Las Vegas again, I def need to invest some time at the craps table with you. Have fun!

DrChako said...

Go big or go home.

We need a decent local game.

I too am looking forward to M8trix. Been at the 101 quite a bit, but I have no loyalty. I'll go wherever the games are good. Lately 101 has been wonderful.


Josie said...

Hi bayne! I haven't forgotten that I o u $10. Hmmm can I pay it off some other way?

You can write a guest post for me! That thrill is worth $10!

Bayne_S said...

Josie - Cash at blogger gathering works.

As intriguing as guest post would be as you can see I have a lot of trouble motivating self to write

Rob said...

Josie, you will charge Bayne $10 to allow him to write a guest post for him. Wow. That's quite something. I will say no more.

Bayne, how do you get offers like that. I'm in Vegas all the time, play poker til I can't stay awake no more, and no one ever offers me a free room, let alone free money to play with!

You must be a problem gambler! That's what I aspire to.

Bayne_S said...

Rob, you need to develop a craps problem.

House makes rake off dealing poker which is far less money than house edge times bets in games they are involved in.

They also make a nice chunk off slots, video poker and video blackjack.

Rob said...

I USED to have a craps problem, but they priced me out. I want to bet the pass line, the come line, and take odds behind every bet. I want to keep betting the come everytime. So that takes a lot of money, even at $2 minimum--WHICH THEY USED TO HAVE IN VEGAS--I'll have $30-$40 on the felt in no time. But now that it's almost impossible to find a table less than $10 minimum, I'd have to be a millionaire to play the way I want.

So screw them, I'll play poker.

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