Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hat tip to MiamiDon for sending the video above. I could almost smell the fear in the message.

I will have to set dvr for game Thursday, this working and west coast living has it's downside. Demon child went right to heart of matter last night when I told family about job: "You are going to have to talk on job, bwahahaha" . I talk more than Waffles, but not a lot more during previous workdays unless I was leading a specification or design review.

I did confirm I am 1st U.S. citizen at job, may have to learn to appreciate hockey. Luckily now that games are broadcast in Hi-Def it is watchable on TV


Astin said...

Well, if head office was in Toronto, you wouldn't have to worry about appreciating hockey.

Rules for talking hockey with Canadians:

1.- Say "The Leafs suck" a lot. People will agree.

2.- Remember the "new" NHL is faster, with less clutching and grabbing. So older players aren't as good in the "new NHL".

3.- The Coyotes should totally be moved to Canada.

4.- Any team in the southern half of the US should be in Canada, where they'd obviously be profitable.

5.- Gary Bettman is a moron who has no right fucking with our game.

6.- If anyone asks if you saw last night's game, just say you saw a bit of the 2nd period, but missed whatever they're asking about.

That should get you through most conversations.

PokahDave said...

Just watch 'National Hockey Night in Canada' with Don Cherry....and quote him constantly. Then you should be all set!