Sunday, September 27, 2009

Weekends Matter

This was my 1st real weekend in a while as weekends really do not matter when on sabbatical, staycation, or the dole.

The Chako's invited demon child, wife and I over on Friday. Demon Child is currently taking a tech literacy course and current unit of study is on 'internet predators'. After assuring daughter that I had met them in person before and showing her family picture on facebook she decided to trust my judgment and ordered me NOT to mention her predator question. This will have to just be another post I hope daughter does not read. Food was good, company was good and MrsChako managed to get permission from my wife for me to go to Vegas in December.

Saturday I played tiny bit of poker in order to get another take 2 day but have not been feeling the poker play last week or so. Hung out poolside with some of the neighbors at night for a near record 2nd sociable night in a row and then had late night (for them) IM conversations with 2 of my cousins that I have never IMed before.

Sunday means watching NFL's red zone channel (Greatest Channel ever, I love that Scott Hanson felt need to apologize for being in High-Def when they showed Seahawk's jerseys). At this point Chiefs, Rams and Bucs would have to be leading contenders for 1st pick in April. Redskins, Raiders and Lions also look quite bad but they have already beaten a member of the trio of suckitude.


DrChako said...

Great seeing you and the fam. Glad you're in for Vegas.


PS. Does that fact that I'm a predator when it comes to poker make me an online predator?

Bayne_S said...


Daughter decided you were not a predator.

I think poker predators have larger online bankrolls.

DrChako said...



smokkee said...

the Browns will beat all of them out for number 1 pick in 2010.

MHG said...

The Chako family is such a good thing for the poker blogging world. Hey! Look at them! They are normal and I know them through the internet!

Pretty sure they are cyborgs.

dominik said...

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The Wife said...

I am glad you guys had a good time . . . its nice to have some friendly faces in our new home and glad your daughter has given us the stamp of approval.

And the only way MHG finds out if we're cyborgs or not is to get under the hood . . .

Thanks for the invite this weekend.

Shrike said...

I miss The Wife's guac. Make sure she brings some the next time you invite them over.


DrChako said...

Are you sure you want cyborg guacamole?