Sunday, October 04, 2009

Writers Block

Activities since last post:

1) Wife had a birthday.

2) New CEO is visiting local office.

3) I did learn a lot about what new job requirements are, I could perform last job in my sleep, now I must hone some new skills.

4) I introduced "The Wife" (not my wife) to my local poker tourney. It was bad tourney night in that normal tournament director was late so host ran tourney (and not as smoothly), I had to bust Mrs Chako when she jammed my BB and the tool that annoys me more than any other tourney regular crippled me in a coinflip where 2 of the Aces were out. It was good in that I got a good 1st table and I won a little in the cash game.

5) Georgia Tech won and showed a passing attack, but I missed watching game, DVR did not record and I forgot to even check score until late Sunday night.

6) I finally may have put together a 4-0 fantasy football weekend but will have to wait to fade AP.

This month is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, my little sister has been cancer free for 5 years, luckily she caught her cancer early. We will make sure demon child gets checked often. Everyone else with breats should get checked too.


SirFWALGMan said...

Thank you Bayne, I am heading to the doctors right now!!

The Wife said...

No harm, no foul on the bust out . . . just had to do it before things got too big, given the cards I had . . . next time.