Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Wife is such a Yankee

Yesterday my wife met one of our newer neighbors in the apartment complex business office. He was printing out ticket to Vegas and she helped him find the replacement printer cartridges for the printer. He said "Thank you ma'am" and introduced himself as Scott. She was with the demon child at time but wife was a little tilted when she got home because she took it to mean she was old.
Since she was also convinced he was other 49er in apartment complex she thought he was old enough not to call her ma'am.

Since I am not too bright I pointed out he was probably closer to demon child's age than her age. A quick search for Scott and picture confimation revealed he does have one TD and is a rookie so more than a decade closer to demon child's age. Being correct did not help wife's mood but where I grew up use of 'ma'am' is just being polite.

I should end my poker hiatus tonight by entering Mookie.

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Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Wow... I am such a southerner... I use ma'am sometimes. And I'm not even from the south!