Tuesday, October 27, 2009


The new job and the demon child's entering high school are kicking my ass as far as limiting my ability to find time to play poker. My humiliation at earning so few more dollars than Recess in rakeback is alarming.

My poker outlet had been reduced to listening to waffles stories about how some tard beat his marginal hand with an even worse starting hand in PLO8 tournaments so I decided to see for myself how tarded the play had become.

Just after the 1st break with blinds at 60/120 and the 3 of us having 3k-6k stacks this beauty happened. Action was UTG raised, I reraised from button, BB called and UTG shoved.

I loved that spot I am 53% to win the high and there is only 1 live 2 to prevent me from chopping the low if one comes. But some people play A2 like it is the nuts so what can you do?

I played a solid PLO8 game mainly getting paid on AA2 or AA3 hands all in pre-flop against shorties or quartering people who insisted on playing low only hands strong until

with 25 left and 18 paying I had a top 6 chip stack and a connection problem.

When I reconnected I was 17th with 19 left but found a way to roach all the way to 6th while not looking at much for hands.

But big recent news is my wife's driving suspension was lifted. Her license expired so we still have to go to DMV to take care of that but her radius of motion has expanded.


DrChako said...

Nice bounce back and congrats on the suspension lift.

Low draws are the nuts!


Shrike said...

Don't you just love freerolls to scoop?


Sean D said...

That is GREAT news Bayne. I'm glad to here the Mrs is on the mend.