Monday, September 21, 2009

Sunday Football Report

Sunday the wife sat down to watch football with me around 11 am. Fifteen minutes into it she was asking "OMG how can you follow the game switching the channels like that?". I pointed out that the remote was next to her. NFL network's red zone channel rules. Rather than having to watch the atrocity that was Raiders vs. Chiefs I got to see my fantasy football teams take a beating during the morning games and my Bucs take a beating in afternoon all for only $5 month since I can't get Sunday Ticket (stupid tree next to deck).

Sunday poker continued it's normal pattern, grind a small profit for a while in PLO then get checkraised on turn for stack when I am holding nut straight, top set and 3rd flush draw only to see opponent has 3 chop outs (as well as useless top 2 pair) and straight flush gutter that of course hits.

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DrChako said...

Great seeing you last night. I'm ready for the next home game.