Saturday, May 08, 2010

Fund Raiser

We all read about his train wreck life.

But let's face facts, it transitioned from entertaining to pathetic long ago.

The pretense is he does not want two kids that have inherited half their DNA and been raised in the family environment that is waffles world to "suffer".

At this point I am wondering if Nick will be claimed as a dependent on Waffle's 2020 taxes???

We can continue to let this pathetic excuse for a man continue as Nick and Michelle's doormat or you can send me $100 and receive your very own

doormat. All monies in excess of cost and shipping will go toward rent for waffle's 1st apartment.
At least we can get him out of the house until his wife stops giving him money from his paycheck and his sorry self gets evicted. If apartment is sufficiently distant from his house it could take months for him to walk back to the house. More likely one of his children is old enough to drive and give him a ride back to the house in their car before he mans up and moves.


DrChako said...

Where do I sign?


lightning36 said...

Do they come in a choice of colors?

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Do they make them with "Waffles: Chip Dumper" slogans instead?

Bayne_S said...

They are customizable to any phrase and a variety of colors