Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Thoughts

I saw today an LA court has ordered Lindsay Lohan to wear an alcohol monitoring bracelet.

I don't care whether Lindsay is drinking or not but it opened my mind to the possibilities for the next winter gathering.

Bloggers issued ankle bracelets and wagering through (Venetian?) sportsbook on alcohol consumption over the gathering.

Obviously Al would be the favorite for average BAC for a 72 hour time frame but others could sneak in for highest peak BAC.

Saturday I played in a small tournament amongst former co-workers where half the entry fee went to the American Cancer Society.

I managed to chip up early with some well placed OBFVs and one river suckout when I forgot that people don't fold even when they have Ac3c on QhQdJh flop for their tourney life.

150/300 blinds ep limped shorty jammed for 1150, I looking at AQs decided to reraise to isolate and ep called for 2k more holding 22. Shorty had QQ and hit a Q on flop with 2 clubs and turn and river were also clubs rewarding the terribad play holding the 2c.

Listening to him explain for 3 hands why his call was a good play was annoying but thankfully his next terribad play was punished. I was completely card dead at the final table and managed to miss a ton of outs when my KcQ could not run down A2 on AcQc4c flop BvB to bust 2 short of money. Saving grace of the turn was it was 1 rebuy, 1 add on bounty tourney where you collected bounty for stacking even if player added on.

I had told weak tightest player I know "Mess with the bull, get the horns" and managed to collect his bounty chip twice getting 2nd as rebuy period ended. He was allowed to add-on but refused when it did not come with a table change.

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