Sunday, August 30, 2009

Feeling old

Demon child started high school. She decided to take German because one of the neighbors encouraged it and is one of the German teachers at DC's school and would be willing to help. This weekend she had a homework assignment to translate several sentences.

She was really struggling with 1 word in 4th sentence so I looked up "isst" and learned it meant "eat". Daughter was suspicous of how I could be so sure until she quickly manuevered to see screen and saw I was on "secret web-site". She immediately wanted url and I acting under wife's instructions refused to provide. Teacher had instructed not to use web as there were sites that would translate whole paragraphs. (Yes secret web site will). Daughter went on full blown monkey tilt that I did not provide resource to help with her education.

I went with "wife told me not to reveal, but if she says it is okay when she gets back I will share" defense. In interim daughter did revisit 4 times for final 2 sentences for me to look up words in "secret web site". "Attraktiv" would have to confirm that daughter goes to site too easily.

Tomorrow we go old school and get daughter a German to English book at Borders. Wife did not approve reveal of site. I give daughter 2 weeks until she finds site.

Friday I got 2 phone calls from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Due to the death of Ted Kennedy they are at 59 which is not filibuster proof and they wanted me to contribute $500 to the cause of next years Senate elections.

My 1st response was "Shouldn't you have the common decency to let Senator Kennedy be buried before invoking his name for fundraising?"

I ignored most of prepared script from phone drone the asked.

"I was employed during entire Bush administration and have been unemployed pretty much entire Obama administration so what benefit do I get from more Democratic control?"

After a few more minutes of partisan droning I agreed to donate 5% of my next paycheck and hung up.

10 minutes later she called back, apparently when entering my 'pledge' in the computer system she encountered an error and needed to know exact dollar amount.

I replied "5% of $0 is $0 you stupid cunt if you call back before I get a job I will donate to the Republicans".

My 1st time voting was in the 1980 Massachusetts primary and I registered as a Democrat to vote against Ted because I thought it was wrong for him to challenge the incumbent President of his own party. But it still strikes me as completely tacky to use the death of the remaining Kennedy brother as a fund raising tool.



lightning36 said...

"... if you call back before I get a job I will donate to the Republicans."

Ahhhh ... I am getting a warm feeling in my heart. There is hope for restoring order in the world ...

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PokahDave said...

Wow...FEISTY! I'm going to have to add this to my phone drone torture repertoire....

lj said...


hilarious that daughter gets rewarded if she reads your blog

Shrike said...

Epic form.


Sean D said...

Absolutely FUNNY!!!!

I thought she didn't read your blog after you posted her weight on here.