Thursday, August 06, 2009

Today's Comments

No poker:

I am watching NBC's Today Show as I wait to depart for flight, todays stories and my take.

1) Paula Abdul turned down 30% raise because she wanted 500% raise. I feel her pain in this economy.

2) Snakes, balding, nudity: Which causes you most anxiety? I have to go with snakes and that's just a matter of whether they are poisonous or not.

3) Guide dogs very cool.

Last night wife went on tilt. She saw 2 guys show up in apartment complex (our rent is in $2k range/month). Get out of car, one goes to Asian chicas apartment in adjacent building, other one goes to asian chicas apartment downstairs. Hour later one of the guys is just hanging around on sidewalk, other guy eventually joins him and they leave. A little later another car shows up/ repeat.

Hopefully while I am out of town wife won't get in trouble with someone's pimp.


Shawn said...

Where are you paying 2k a month and still having to deal with that kind of crap? Not cool.

Oh, and nude balding. The thought of that causes some anxiety.

VinNay said...

You forgot the most important part - what's the address?

StB said...

So what is the going rate?