Tuesday, August 04, 2009

12th inning, score is 2-2

and the Ray's announcers are still whining about a play from the 8th inning.

Worst part is they acknowledged in the 9th that the umpires made the correct call after it was clarified that it was not a judgment call on where runners were when ball was declared dead. The local ground rules for Rays called for runners position to be set by where they were when ball left 1st player to fields hand. Ball got lodged in an equipment bag in RAYS bullpen and was declared dead.

12th inning Kevin Kennedy is still whining about the "controversial call" and the rule has to be changed.

Being in Bay area I still hear about the "tuck rule", that has not changed, we'll see if Rays make changes to their ground rules but if you have an open bullpen shit happens.

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