Sunday, July 26, 2009

A new record

Today the vaunted Aggression Through Calling that Sunday's on PokerStars brings hit levels that I had not previously encountered.

I exited Turbo Takedown when A8s on CO called my MP raise and rivered flush.

I exited O8 sat with KQJT ds in BB, CO raised 3459 pre, 4 bet me KT6 rainbow flop, 4 bet 3 on turn and proceeded to catch river 3s after 4th bet on turn put me all in.

I played 3 step 2s to WCOOP,

bvb QQ lost to T7, he called off half his chips pre, other half on 996 flop.

Open jammed JJ UTG for 6 BBs, Q6s called from button and rivered Q.

Open Jammed AQs from UTG, CO called 5 BBs with KQo and flopped K.

If someone sees me playing on pokerstars in August remind me of the stupidity please!

Dear bayne_s,
You have requested to partake in PokerStars Responsible Gaming
Self-Exclusion. Your exclusion period will start once you exit all
Your ability to make deposits and participate in any PokerStars
gaming activity has now been closed for 7 days. You will be able to
regain access after 2009/08/02 23:51 ET.

I have the 1st week under control.

My previous annoyance self exclusion period record was 24 hours.


cmitch said...

see you at FTP this week

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Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

LoL @ cmitch.

Seriously, though. See you at ftp.

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