Monday, July 13, 2009

Not ready to be a 'Poker Pro'

Got a little frustrated late in the evening when on a 2/4 capped PLO table someone called off half a cap pre with QJ88 against my AAQJ ds and was rewarded with a 558 flop (where I had flush draw). If I stick half my stack or cap in pre rest has to go in on almost any flop and that one did not look bad.

When player who hit his QJ88 ran before his next BB I responded by buying in for $300 at $3/$6 because if I spewed it I would still finish the day up. I slowly spewed while trying to get a read on the table and had a lot of flop whiffs when these two hands came up.

I hated the turn 8 on the 1st hand. But was happy to get flush draw and gutty draw on flop.

Loved and hated the turn 6 on 2nd hand. Player 4 was a Swede so he has gamble that his top set is good even when he is holding 2 of his redraw cards as well. Adrenaline rush from flopped straight holding postponed my going to sleep a good hour.

I could have bet the flop for a small pot but I hate getting freerolled and I had no redraw. Turn gave me a nut flush redraw so at that point we can see if I am against another flopped straight.


Shrike said...

Flopped straights win? Who woulda thunkit.


PokerFool said...

How do you like the capped PLO games? Full of terrible players?

I had success last month playing the 1/2 capped NL Hold 'em games. Not many people know how to successfully play a shortstack was my impression. Same for PLO?

Bayne_S said...


The pool of players is smaller for PLO so you just have to decide who really knows what they are doing but for the most part flush draws jam and AA that potted pre will go to felt on any flop no matter how co-ordinated.

Abhishek said...

Can you please give me your contact email?