Friday, July 10, 2009

w00t Friday

Not that Friday's mean anything to the unemployed when school is out.

Demon child's BFF came over today, luckily they stayed near pool all day so I had no opportunity to embarass child. I was warned repeatedly of punishment that would come my way should I even think about embarassing. I did make cajun chicken fingers for lunch which BFF liked. The demon child not a big fan of spicy.

Had a call from a recruiter today, saddly response was 'We don't have any openings for people with your skill set right now'. She did also say they were told to take vacations in July if they could as they expected hiring to pick up in August/September.

But I forgot, Friday means payday:

Cleared my IronMan Bonus:

Player ID: bayne_s
Date and Time: 2009-07-10 15:41:27
Transfer Number: xxxxxxx
Amount: 600.00

Full Tilt Poker has made you a payment. The funds are now available in your account.Thank you for playing at Full Tilt Poker.

And got rakeback:

This is an automated message sent from Full Tilt Poker.
Affiliate Username: PalsTransfer
Player ID: bayne_s
Date and Time: 2009-07-10 11:35:57
Transfer Number: xxxxxxx
Amount: 384.68

This affiliate transfer has been approved. The funds transferred arenow available in your account.Thank you for partnering with Full Tilt Poker.

Best part is this time cleared bonus mainly playing PLO at a +2.5 BB/100 clip.

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