Sunday, July 05, 2009

I do not have a Points Problem!

This post was complete bullshit.
As I go to sleep before posting I have cleared 8500 points.
I blame MPelley4, renoir7 and HMS_Broadsword for most of it, MPelley tilted the crap out of a 1/2 Cap PLO table playing any 4 cards 4 a pot raise with a pot c-bet every hand and laid quite a few beats. There was a method to his madness as I do believe he tightened up later in evening and got paid off exiting table with $800+ after his final buy in of $160. I can't tell you his exact net on evening as he was also at tables playing more calmly on other occasions. I also exited for $800+ on my initial $100 buy in.
I decided to play all 6 daily doubles after having every eurodonk who hjammed a gutshot on turn hit today in PLO. Managed the double cash in the early doubles, a double bust in 30-40 range in the Big doubles and missed out on a double cash in original double when another ambitous Aussie called off all his chips with a J9s from MP and cracked my JJ which I jammed UTG in A.
In B, I managed to pull a goat and a smokkee jamming A rag into a better Ace to not win.

Considering that these were stacks when Final Table started:
Seat 1: bayne_s (128,659)
Seat 2: brianw26 (86,400)
Seat 3: jbirdcudahy (291,648)
Seat 4: steveysee (385,540)
Seat 5: andinista (505,026)
Seat 6: gildabeansjp (287,783)
Seat 7: jellycz (71,317)
Seat 8: curtkaniff (275,210)
Seat 9: Strul (244,417)
and we were 3 handed before I ever got above 250k I should be happy with 2nd but jelly had fewer chips than me and won. I just never got much closer than 2.4:1 in chips heads up.


jjok said...

well done man!

Sean D said...

Very nice.

The first step in dealing with a problem is admitting you have a problem. The only thing you are doing is clearing money left and right!

lj said...

yay bayne! nice job!