Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Another IronMan Bonus to clear

This time no prop bet with the points tard.
1) Enabling his strange points addiction when he does not get rakeback while humorous for me in the past makes me feel somehow complicit with evil FullTilt marketing.
2) It was not a challenge before.
3) No bet makes it easier not to play if running bad or playing bad.
4) I have more time for poker without silly job pressures.

Goal will be to achieve a lei surly 500 point a day pace. If I achieve the 12k points by the 24th I may push on to 15k for the chance for entry to cardrunners poker camp in South Beach.

The big news locally is California is going to be sending out IOUs for it's bills. Expectation is next envelope from unemployment office will contain IOU instead of check.

One problem is we have bloated retirement system for state employees. I am not sure anyone retired from state goverment should draw a pension greater than the Governor's salary, we have at least 10 retirees doing that. We also have 5115 retirees drawing more than $100k/year including at least 3000 teachers. I may have to figure out how to get certified as a teacher, it is an important job, school lets out in time for WSOP, and I could travel latter part of summer.

I am okay with teachers getting paid while they are teaching, just don't quite understand how pension can be so large. Problem is structure is set up at 2.4-3% of salary for each year worked and eligibilty at age 50, with no cap on percentage. I could get job now, work 17 years and draw 50% of salary for live.

Seems like a good plan.

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