Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Back Home

The New Year's crowd started arriving in Lake Tahoe Tuesday. Average age in town dropped. Price to play in casino rose. It also started to snow, trip up in dry conditions 5 hours. Trip back with chain controls was 8 hours.

Temp in Tahoe when we were there was probably low 30s during day so returning to 43 degree Santa Clara does feel brutal, but lows in single digits next few days tell me we ran real well with weather.

Demon child had her ski lesson on the sunniest day which also saw 8 inches of fresh powder fall the night before. She got her confidence back with no falls (2 falls previous trip caused her to quit skiing after single run). She was excited and chatty about her lesson after and at dinner, wife enjoyed her day on the trails on snow shoes. They were both exhausted and turned in early.

I played a little call and chase poker in Harvey's poker room, I have no idea what kind of bet it must take to get take down a pot pre-flop as I saw people calling off stacks with 33-77 and QJs, I did not get many hands but did manage to be 5th caller to UTG raiser holding 99, 954 flop with 2 hearts got a lot of actionand took down a pot with top set against 2 flush chasers and 1 oesd when river 4 of hearts gave me boat to crush the two non-nut flushes.

I went up to room only to discover that wife a daughter were sleeping loudly, after hour of effort to sleep I gave up and got dressed and found craps table. It was amusing table as there were 3 young guys at my end of table who all rolled well but shared same quirk. None of them would take pass line odds when point was 4 or 10, Jason who was to my immediate left would also not bet odds on 5 or 9, he would bet full odds on 6 or 8. During roll where Ryan hit fire bet I asked dealer if I could place an odds bet for dealers behind Jason's pass bet 3rd time Ryan rolled for a 5. The other two youngsters were amused, dealers were more than happy but Jason thought that was too emasculating and finally placed odds bet (won 2 rolls later). Soon after my wife tracked me down, demon had told her "don't worry about daddy he is night owl". Since I had lot of green chips in front of me and it was obviously a fun table wife stuck around for a cup of hot tea, listened to Jason complain that I strong armed into betting more than he wanted and finally failed to cooler a craps table immediately. When dice came to me next I did pass and insist she wanted to pass as well and we let 3 young guys roll and wife and I headed back to room.

Last night in Tahoe I was forced to drop wife to 2nd worst shooter in rankings. A short asian woman standing 2 spots from stick managed to hit boxman with dice on 1st roll, had 3 rolls off table end and then managed to make boxman dodge another dice. Pit Boss had seen enough and issued warning "next roll on table or dice pass", she managed to roll craps or elven a few times making her dad some money on his horn bets before finally establishing point then out.

I set up X-Box and Kinect upon return and watched demon spend 30 minutes customizing her avatar to get it just right, it seemed so star trek next generation to wave hand to control things.

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Josie said...

Sounds like my kinda holiday.