Sunday, December 05, 2010

My 1st KK fold pre-flop

Steeler's saved me or screwed me over as Troy Polamalu forced fumble when sacking Flacco I looked away and did not see I was dealt KK. I had a little time on timer when I noticed so attempted raise. But apparently my reflexes have slowed introducing a 2nd definition for a "Lightning Fold".


DrChako said...

In the early days of Stars, when I thought I was the greatest poker player in the world, I intentionally folded AA when I was dealt it on the first hand. I was playing an $11 18 person SNG.

I did not win.


cmitch said...

Lightning gives you two thumbs up. You were in early position and can always wait for a better spot. ;)

lightning36 said...


lj said...

lololol i gotta catch up on your blog. still have not made lightning fold.