Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas (A counterpoint)

My little brother Mike is in the center. He is 6 inches shorter than me and was less than 120 pounds when he graduated from high school but has since ballooned up to 200 pounds. His similarities to Waffles are astounding most of the year , but he lives for Christmas. He does grow a beard every year and dyes it to accentuate the white and is a very much in demand Santa.

Obviously he does it for the attention.

Soon the Christmas season will sadly end and he will get less attention.

Demon child always gets giddy at Christmas and I gain my joy through her excitement. I worry that this will be the last year that she is giddy but each year she rallies. Last year was Disney this year will be in Tahoe so I will probably be offline for a week.

Happy Holidays
(fuck the PC it is commercial rather than religous holiday anymore)

Merry Christmas

Happy New Year


DrChako said...

Merry Christmas! Say it proudly!


Josie said...

"His similarities to Waffles are astounding most of the year..."

Sorry to hear your brother is a fucktard....wishing you a Merry Christmas!

Fuel55 said...