Wednesday, December 15, 2010

In Vegas Aftermath

After collecting my prize money I got myself a much needed sandwich. Terrible side effect of diagnosis is I eat less per meal but should eat a little more often and was starting to feel a little light headed.

Drizz (deliverer of 1st major final table wound) and I talked briefly, he still had a financial analysis paper to get done and asked me if I thought Don would deal. I told him I didn't think he would because he really wanted trophy and big influx into his bankroll now that he was back.

Drizz rushed back to table while I finished my sandwich where I learned that it was over and they had given Don 2nd place money, trophy and rest had split prize fund.

7 handed I would have probably agreed to those terms but I had 1 BB the only hand that was played 7 handed.

Headed back to IP at this point to meet Pauly and Iggy with Don and his celebration. Saawx Lover and StB and I decided life was too short to sit around IP Sports Bar listening to bad karaoke when I made my worst misplay of the weekend. StB had a nice roll and I failed to fully invest in the dip. His last roll I had $200 on the 4 but that was due to my nitty play of increasing bets. After the 7th 4 should have had $800, I also failed to leave until after a few shitty shooters (myself included).

I then joined Lightning for a very late inexpensive dinner and Josie came along. Although I lost the coinflip and had to pay I meal was cheaper than any of Garth's meals thanks to Lightbulb's senior discount.

There was some level of disbelief from them that I called Buddy from BB with 52o but holding 4 BBs, don't think it is right to fold to 1.5 BB raise. Especially at a level where antes were 1.33 BBs.

Did give Buddy a good sweat when I flopped a gutshot and turned a pair but Buddy rivered a higher pair. I still see that nasty 8 flipping over in my sleep.

We then moved onto other subjects:
1) Yes Demon Child knows that is her nickname.
2) Really she takes pride in it
3) Not publishable
4) Family stuff
5) Travels

I then headed back to Harrahs where an old Cowboy watching 2 young guys arguing with dealer about payoff summed up my recent feelings about craps best "$3, they are arguing about $3,
It is the pissants that ruin a good craps table"

I will humbly admit that I will never be able to say pissant so it carries the disdain that a Texan can say it!

Sunday at Legasse's Stadium was good and I made an impulsively large bet on Patriots but left money on table by doing it as moneyline bet after listening to Pauly's insights.

Wish I had gone on to IP for late game but Southwest waited until 70 minutes before scheduled flight to let me know it was going to be 2 hours late.

Countdown to next gathering 358 days


lightning36 said...

Not making the lightning fold potentially cost you about $600. Of course, not jumping on the Team Roach opening cost me $500.

As for subject #3 in your post: lol.

Josie said...

Congrats on the deep run baby.