Monday, July 30, 2007

Good Trip Could have been so much better

Wednesday Night I unleashed my Aggro buddy on the BBT freeroll. Was observing tourney before going to flight saw table was on to him and had to use my powers as a Telecom professional to spike Full Tilt's server.

Southwest was a little undersold on the last San Jose to Las Vegas flight, the last San Jose to Ontario (California) flight and the last Ontario to Las Vegas flight. They blamed the weather but probably consolidated flights as a cost savings bringing me into Las Vegas 2 hours later then expected. Because I was late Harrah's had given away my standard room, gave me a mini-suite for Wednesday but made me move on Thursday. Played a little craps before bed for $200 profit and slept the contented sleep of being ahead.

Met MiamiDon at Orleans for $540, Chad bailed on us because he wanted to watch the Angels slaughter the Tigers in person in Anaheim. My starting table was allowing a lot of limping during the 1st level and I managed to bust the 1st person to leave my table. I limped a 9c7c UTG and was rewarded with a 8c5c3h flop. 5 people had seen the flop so I went ahead and bet out and the only called was BB. Red Ace on turn brought check check, but a beautiful red 6 on river gave me nut straight. BB bet 150, I raised to 450 he raised to 750 and I raised to 2k (4k starting stack) and he called with top 2 pair and looked quite disgusted by my rivered gut shot. Next he raised my BB and when I repopped him after seeing my 2 red Aces, I was forced to insta-call his shove and send him home after his 99 did not improve. I managed to showdown nut or 2nd nut hands 3 more times in 1st 2 levels plus a few big pairs. Reached the 1st break with 11k chips. Had opportunity to amass large amount of chips later when I laid down an AQ against a shove overcall only to see 77 & 99 and an AQ9 flop Q turn 7 river. After moving to another table I lost half my chips from SB with J9s on a 998 flop when the BB had A9. Sadly my read was I was beat but I still check called on river. Lost most of rest with KQs on a Q high flop with flush draw and was eliminated with AJ holding less than BB.

Met up with my work friends that night at Wild Bill's and sat at Blackjack table for 7 hours, got quite hammered but Dave and I managed to cash out around +$750 and Paul cashed at +$200.
Slept the contented sleep of the ahead and woke up at crack of 1.

Friday "John" joined us for gambling. He is long divorced and available so I tried to put my new found wing man skillz to use for his as he was flirting with a Blackjack dealer at Monte Carlo. During 4 separate stints as relief dealer "John" was working her to come visit San Diego to go to San Diego zoo with him. She was on verge of agreement but asked why he had never married? "John's" answer was to say he had been married and even had a 12 year old daughter and offered to show a picture. Unfortunately for "John" when he reached into his pocket he pulled out a stack of pamphlets collected from the porn slappers. Dealer was shocked but did managed to say "how many daughters do you have?' and "They do have nice bodies". The married guys at table were in pain from laughter. Last shoe at blackjack table was quite successful and went back to Harrah's where I had my bedtime Hot Cocoa and craps to get ready for bed. Managed to time my table visit to a single shooter who hit $600 worth of numbers for me as I blatantly hit and ran their table.

Caesar's table saw much card death, a SB v BB confrontation that worked in my favor for trips vs. trips and then I lost most of my chips with an 87o from SB against a 98o in BB with a T88 flop 6 turn 4 river when I check called river sure I was beat. I had bet the flop and bet, was raised and called turn but failed to bet out river or fold. BB said he would have hated to call a river bet but wasn't good enough to fold trips either. Doubled up once from 3x BB but after table move I was to left of same played who had been on my left when I chose to jam is BB from UTG. My 98s did not improve and the late position caller with 55 eliminated me, the BB had 97 so I had caught him dominated. Saturday's -EV gambling can only be described as carnage.

Intent for Sunday was poker but after breakfast I found a $10 craps table at Harrah's, I was up $200 when my buddies convinced me to move over to Casino Royale for their $3 100x table. Managed to clear $1200 during 1 shooter's decent run, I cashed out during next shooters 2 roll turn and missed a 30 minute shooter. After dinner returned to Harrah's for some leisurely black jack and then a final craps fix before departure. Jerry a fine gentlemen from Southern Illinois had 4 consecutive 15+ minute turns as shooter and won me another $800 but during joking about Jerry setting a Harrah's record for longest stint as a shooter during his one turn that went 30 minutes we learned that Harrah's had a 2 hour 20 minute shooter on table that my friends had pulled me away from 45 minutes after I left. It feels like a bad beat.


Alan aka RecessRampage said...

2hr 20 minute shooter!? Oh my god... that's like heaven... Reminds me of this girl who was there to celebrate her 21st and all she did was roll for like 20 minutes... but I swear... 15 of those minutes were spent hitting the hardways... that was sweet. I never bet hardways, except that night, it was dumb not to.

smokkee said...

good times!