Friday, July 06, 2007

Post 105

How did I let my 100th post pass without celebrating the milestone?

Must issue warning thanks to story about daughter blog is now:

Despite my PG rating I will still occaisonally drop the Fawk alternative. I was busted out of tournaments this weekend on 4 separate occaisons by people holding A6o, I was holding AKs, AKo, AJo and A8o. The 4th time I cracked and swore, daughter was in the room and she tattled on me.

Thought we'd look back at my history and journey into blogging.

1st blog post was March 11, 2006, post is not informative and blog was really started to allow entry into a tournament on pokerstars. I am quite certain I did not cash.

10th blog post did not occur until Dec 29th, was in middle of job change, selling house and moving 100 miles to the south in non-poker life, somehow did not feel like bragging about winning Aussie Millions trip. I won it in a way that my fellow bloggers can aprreciate. With ~35 left sitting 30th I pushed a 97 sooted from CO. BB instacalled with QQ, I caught 2 hearts on flop, bricked the turn and made flush when Qh dropped on river. Picked up AA and KK with in the next 3 hands for 2 more doubles (apparently my raises were not respected).

15th post saw a couple of significant milestones, I had cashed in Dookie (1st) and my blog was commented on for the 1st time (waffles)

50th post was my take on a much discussed hand where I held AK, Hoy had TT and Smokkee had AJ and the flop was A A T. Turn was J. If I play hand better pre-flop I still get stacked. Post-flop still think since my read was I was beat I had to lay it down, important lesson taken from hand is that I do play a little slower.

75th post detailed my 1st Mook victory.

100th post was in honor of my sister's and my shared birthday Friday before last.

It's been a strange journey in that I started a blog for a free tournament entry and have made many new friends and hopefully introduced a better appreciation of suited connectors to my poker playing brethern.

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BigPirate said...

Happy 105th. Glad to have you around.