Monday, July 16, 2007

That's just Wrong

1. Wife has lost weight, daughter is maturing so neither of them had bras that fit and they went shopping yesterday. First words I heard from my daughter's mouth when she got home was, "The girls really stand up with the new bra". No father needs to hear that phrase from the daughter. Thankfully she was referring to wife's new bra. Daughter did pick up phrase from Stacey London on What Not to Wear!, blocking The Learning Channel seems excessive.

2. MiamiDon suffered worse pre-flop beat in poker with AA losing to AA on four flush at Orleans saturday. There is some old saying about unlucky in cards that I can't recall right now.

3. I lost a $320+ pot at 1/2 NL to some bozo who thought his QT was good on a Q44 flop. I was in BB with AQ but bozo rivered a T.
Edit Note: had this wrong earlier now I owe LJ $2 for correcting bad beat story

4. I lost a $296 pot to a bozo on a naked Q hi flush draw after I flopped a set. Best part is after he called my pot sized check-raise he had $3.45 behind and was willing to commit money at 2:1 in a 3:1 against situation. Love the suited donks at 1/2 on the naked flush draws.

Despite the the big pots stolen (I think this is term Hoy uses) bankroll Donage was limited.

See you at the MATH:

Tournament: Mondays at the Hoy (MATH)
When: Monday. 10pm ET
Buyin: $24+2
Password: hammer

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