Tuesday, July 24, 2007

MATH Final Table but

My shame is great, I let waffles suck out of river because I did not go ahead and jam my 2nd pair OESD on flop. Went out later when I lost a coin flip to AK.

Played a FTOPS #1 with Smokkee and was the bubble boy. I will have to find chat log later but when I busted "d soren" he lit me up in the chat box saying something along the lines of "why do bad players always get so f*#king lucky" Two hands I had shown to this point were AKo which I had raised from button and checked down after whiff of flop and lost to d sorens A4o that connected with flop. Hand I busted d soren with was I raised pre-flop with TT, bet out on a T 9 7 flop and called his jam for 2/3 of my stack. He had 97 suited. Smokkee took it upon himself to defend my play as "Being ahead the whole time" and other things. Though he did also feel obligated to include "KOL"

MiamiDon is still #1 in my PokerTracker rankings for donors but Pvanharibo has dropped to #6. I played J9 to a raise to $23. I was BB and called the $19 only to see a JJ6 flop. The limp caller in EP bet out $25, and raiser folded prompting a call from me as I assumed I was outkicked. The turn was a beautiful 9 and full baynage commenced. A $540 pot quickly followed and a flopped boat with 66 was laid to waste.

Flight to Vegas is in 30 hours where I will join KOD and Don at Orleans tomorrow and maybe Caesar's on Saturday.

Many drunken prop bets will also be on the schedule with my former co-workers. The smallest dude in the group can be a bit belligerent when drinking and has gotten me thrown out of the Monte Carlo. Despite the 3 of us sitting at the $10 table being up $300 each he managed to get pissed off at our dealer Theresa. Table went from fun to unpleasant as he increased his winning from $300 to $700 as I dropped to +$250. As we rose to exit he chose to call dealer a c*nt, and pit boss quickly asked us to leave. If he pisses off Chad he's on his own.

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