Sunday, July 06, 2008

A hand from Thursday

I have been giving a lot of thought since Thursday to a hand from the Stars $25k Guarantee:

p0kerStars Game #18568627953: Tournament #93876206, $25.00+$2.50 Hold'em No Limit - Level XVII (2000/4000) - 2008/07/04 - 00:37:46 (ET)
Table '93876206 130' 9-max
Seat #8 is the button
Seat 2: madelyn24 (120402 in chips)
Seat 3: AlxPrada 1st (141534 in chips)
Seat 4: yelloh (316177 in chips)
Seat 5: Gambit360 (153338 in chips)
Seat 6: Carlinhos (103034 in chips)
Seat 7: _J1981J_ (79481 in chips)
Seat 8: bayne_s (89357 in chips)
Seat 9: nazreen (158368 in chips)
nazreen: posts small blind 2000
madelyn24: posts big blind 4000
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to bayne_s [8c 8h]
AlxPrada 1st: folds
yelloh: folds
Gambit360: folds
Carlinhos: raises 4000 to 8000
_J1981J_: folds

At the time this hand occurs there are 60 left (198 paid) and I am 30th, table has been playing so passively I am considering going aggro. I am also constantly checking to make sure this is really on PokerStars.

bayne_s: calls 8000
nazreen: folds
madelyn24: calls 4000
*** FLOP *** [6s 7d 9d]
madelyn24: checks
Carlinhos: checks

There is 29200 in pot

bayne_s: ????

PkerStars will let me fold but I opt against.

Checking seems lame, I am dog against TT, 99, T8, 98 and 85, I am flipping against AA-JJ, I am a favorite against 2 overs.

Question becomes how much to bet?

As Omatard I hold firmly to belief of no free cards.
As engineer involved in board design I spend my workday looking for worst case scenarios and trying to make sure design is "robust" enough to work to 99.999% uptime required by phone companies.

I jam and now wonder is it my omatardness or engineer side that takes the route of trying to prevent bad things to happen by allowing a card to come?

On home front wife's headaches are now intermittent and milder. Her tolerance to light is better and she has found bus/light rail route she likes to Santana Row (her favorite restaurant & shopping area). Daughter still does not like walking involved to get to stops, on Saturday upon return home she said "Why couldn't he (meaning me) have seizure instead of you, Mommy?" I believe she really means she wishes her Mom could still drive her around. It's not easy being me.

As I write this post I am playing the Turbo Fiddy, I have seen 4 flops in 74 hands and don't think I have made any bad pre-flop folds. I did overplay 77 from BB against early position limper with JJ but sucked out. Went out 46th with blinds at 500/1000, I raised from SB to 6500 and BB called off all but 300 chips with K2. My Ace did not hold. Turbo Fiddy is incredible near bubble.

Will play MATH tonight despite it not being turbo. Wouldn't a blogger turbo be a blast?


RAisEDevil said...

this is Gambit360 and that table was by no means passive only the player to ur immediate left. you really should have move allin with ur 22bb against a raiser in late position esp if it was me yelloh and carlinhos esp raising from the hijack. u take the hand down right away ur likely ahead of this range on the +side of a flip. calling means that u've incorrectly tried to flop a set against a player with those stack sizes and now ur left to make complicated post flop moves. what flop does 88 want to see even with position. Move allin pre take down the pot and move on to the next hand.

against me i'd say move allin with most any hand from the button if i raised from the hijack or the cutoff.

$mokkee said...

IMO u have to jam that flop.

that's about the the best flop you could hope for with 8-8. i don't think you can bet say 2/3rd pot and fold with the blinds at 4000/8000 so may as well just shove. if he flopped a set so be it.

$mokkee said...

my bad, i misread the blinds (2000/4000). it's a jam either way with the pot being that big post flop.

Bayne_S said...

No offense intended raisedevil.

There just did not seem to be many resteal attempts in my time at that table.

lucko said...

Shove pre, as played, bet like 22k and call a shove.

RAisEDevil said...

look at the stack sizes there weren't many resteals if that ur defenition of aggression but there were many blind steals the table was altered just before u came there was a lot of restealing and aggressive play that resulted in the stacks u see.

but to improve your own play i'll say this.with 20bbs ur descions are made for u unless the player was utg and notoriously tight then ur shoving everything else is a fold. u don't have the proper odds to flop a set. the times u do see a flop like this and get it in against AK (who isn't just gonna let u skate and not Cbet if he's smart) and the times u do flop a set against a better hand won't make up for all the times u call and fold. ur calling is donating.