Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Million Sats

I played last nights $1 Million Satellite with Cmitch, Hoy, jd schellnutt , LJ, Lucko and MiamiDon (apologies to anyone I missed) and earned Title "Last Blogger Standing".
Don was at my table his whole tourney run, Lucko joined soon after and attempted to tilt me with insults. I am of course now untiltable.
lucko21: lol @ untitlable
lucko21: 10 minutes u could have ur whole roll on the table

I had planned to play FTOPS #2 satellites until I built the $T up to 535 but guess this route will have to do. As long as I don't spew off my bankroll by Sunday I'll stay registered.

I also used up some points to get into July's Turbo Takedown on Stars.

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Drizztdj said...

Hope to be reporting on your Turbo Takedown final table run :)