Sunday, July 27, 2008


While others were dragged to see Bruce, I stayed home and was multi-table tourney aggro-donk. I did manage to ghey cash in DD A and DD B for a ghey double cash bonus. I also had a ghey cash in 3r after losing a race with 88 vs A9o when river 8h gave opponent ghey 4 flush.
Finished off with a ghey cash in stars $50k when TPTK on flop was no match for AA.
Despite my continued belief that Waffles has no chance of winning prop bet I took out a $10 insurace policy with Lloyd's of NY. I am now effectively getting 9:2 on waffles impending failure.
On positive side I played 6 Brawl Chippies with 3 seats won and 3 $750k Chippies winning 2 seats. I played Brawl for 2.5 hours getting 1 KO. WTF.
MATH is at 10 Pacific, Tilt's shootout structure is ghey so I will probably skip.

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lj said...

nice job on chippies!! hard to be dragged when you are in driver's seat, although traffic nightmare may have dampened inaugural bruce extravaganza.