Wednesday, August 13, 2008

400th post

A rough summary estimate:

5 posts correcting Hoy hand histories.

40 lame brags (sadly bragging about fewer than 40 tournies)

240 bad beat stories.

4 advertising posts.

10 with strategic poker ideas.

15 family stories.

60 tournament pimps.

20 links to things I found amusing.

0 chronicling my sexual exploits (MiamiDon and Waffles) should remain source for those.

I took the Event 6 exit from the Poker Stars WCOOP Steps last night. I am 2/2 cashing in Step 4 tickets for Event 6 seats. 2/12 converting Step 3 tickets to Step 4 tickets (but 7/12 at keeping step 3 tickets). My success rate gets progressively worse in Step 2s and Step 1s as play is worse but higher variance is introduced.

Edit: had to include chat from lunchtime step 1
amelhem [observer]: nice call preflop idiot
Yes it was questionable but he flopped nut flush draw and oesd with 2 overs with A8s and amelhem raised jammed AQo unimproved on flop. There is so much poker wisdom shared in chat at a Step 1 that they should be played for educational value.

While in Las Vegas I did place a $50 bet on Rams to win Super Bowl for me and $20 bet on Jets to win Super Bowl for VP (yes he is cheesehead). I will try hedging strategy that has been suggested by a known sports bettor if Rams make playoffs.

Discussion of Rams hedge did lead me to hedge a craps Fire Bet this weekend. I had made a wtf $3 Firebet and Dan had already hit 4 unique points for 25:1 payoff. Once he rolled a 4 which was 5th unique point rather than backing up passline bet with odds I did $200 "lay" of 4. I was hammered so did not get hedge correct but if he hits 4 I collect ($750-$200) vs if he misses I get $100. A $500 lay would have guaranteed $250 profit and possibly a chance to hedge 6th number.

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