Monday, August 25, 2008


Tomorrow for the 1st time in 2 years I have to wake up at 7:00 am!!

I am sure a lot of you are not sympathetic but I have grown quite accustomed to waking up later and rolling into work at 9ish. Worst part is that my wife may grow accustomed to me dropping the kid off and want this to continue when she is allowed to drive again.

This means no more DS PLO at 0045, no more Turbo Fiddy at 0100 on a school night.

Mr Bodog seems to have given up on Bodog, that was enough for me to request a check.

My deepest run in a tourney this weekend was in a WCOOP ME sat. Top 19 got seats, 20-32 got $320, 33rd got $240. Had 3 hours of solid play sitting with 30th of 40 stacks.

I was playing a step 1 where 3 handed I call a shove from BB with AA, Sb had 50 more chips than I and A6s and rivered a flush. I reacted by shoving 11 BBs with KQo UTG + 1 in ME sat and lost to the AKo that naturally called from MP. I took the 77 limp calling a shove and cracking my KK much better 12 hands prior in ME sat because I at least had satisfaction of watching that donkey get AA cracked after limping pre a little later.

Waffles has posted a few strategic snippets from his future post "Breaking Even at Poker", this is a can't miss read,

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