Tuesday, August 12, 2008

So Hungover

5 former co-workers and I went to Las Vegas for weekend.

Played Planet Hollywood's 2 pm Poker tourney. Took bottom cash when with blinds at 3k/6k UTG +1 shoved for 17k, shorty called for 2k and I called holding AQo with 20k behind and lost to KJo. From 20 players down tourney was 1 move poker and I went card dead from 14 players left on. I did manage a couple of steals but no confrontations won to accumulate chips.

I also gave Saturday Night Venetian a chance and played flawless poker IMHO. 1st three hands were reasonable pre-flop folds, 4th hand I reraised an EP raiser holding QQ. EP called my raise. Flops was Q82 rainbow and I felt compelled to call all in after I was checkraised on the flop. AQs went runner runner flush and IGHN with more time for craps.

Harrah's properties have moved to paying 6:5 on Blackjack in the low roller areas. IMHO the game is no longer blackjack, should be forced to be given a different name and tables should be avoided until 3:2 payoff is restored.

Other observation is the prostitutes seemed more aggressive this year than in past. When we walked the strip they would jump in path of our group of 6 and each time blocked the path of Dave who ironically also would have most money being currently retired after a successful start-up. Either they smell the money or go after the smaller dude to avoid risk of me trampling while not fully paying attention. I also saw casino security removing pros from gaming areas a couple of times. Lesson from that is casinos don't like gambling to be impeded.


StB said...

Always noteworthy when the working women need to change tactics to give, err..get a job.

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Ditto on the hookers man, I was truly shocked this summer at how overt and aggressive the whole thing has become. Pretty sure I wrote about it at some point, but it was really noteworthy.