Monday, October 13, 2008

Bad Beat

Surpassed previous effort for selecting the biggest moving stock on the biggest moving day.

I had decided options premiums were too high especially for a $9 stock so bought shares for a change.

Sadly intent was to buy 1000 not 100 but I was already late for a meeting.  If mistake had gone the other way to 10k I don't think I would have survived the stress of the weekend or my wife's wrath as Schwab would have probably called house.

I can't honestly see how a Secretary of the Treasury, who was former Goldman Sachs CEO could allow Morgan Stanley to go under leaving only his former Investment bank as last of 5 Investment Banks.

At some point I will have to examine why I am so willing to gamble with Stocks, with start-up jobs, with craps and with PLO or PLO8, but play NLHE tight.

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n1 Bayne