Sunday, October 26, 2008


The Bodog Poker Tourney series starts tomorrow.
In order to play you must first register here!

I've been a little more stressed at work, the last year has been strange in that main project I have worked on is a lower priority deliverable.  I have been working on higher priority stuff in spurts but suddenly in the last week a derivative of my design is becoming a higher priority.  

Sequia also was recently in the press due to opinion that this downturn is going to adversely impact valley.

My start up bankroll management has always been far superior to my poker bankroll management but I tend to run worse at poker when I think I may need the income.  In last 2 weeks I've overplayed TT a couple of times, been all in on turn only to be 2 outed a couple of times, run KK into AA 2 of the 9 times I was dealt KK and chopped the one time I ran KK into QQ.  

I tried 6 max cap PLO (stacked twice calling caps on turn when they had gutters that rivered), Limit O8 (so many nut lows river counterfeited which also made straights) and people "feeling" the most ridiculous pre-flop all in calls in PLO and being rewarded:

: shows [6s 8h Ad 2d] (a full house, Sixes full of Deuces)

In PLO8 maybe you can call off all your chips pre with this beauty but don't know about PLO.

In a desperate attempt to cleanse kharma I tried online craps (bad idea) and bet on Breeders Cup for a small loss but felt good about my handicapping in that I did hit 2 exactas and had a few horses run close but have 'bad trip'.

I took family to see Beverly Hills Chihuahua in a further attempt to cleanse but when I got home managed to get FullTilt runnign about 30 seconds to late to enter Fiddy.  I did check out my email and found that an old friend from high school had sent an email. I replied "I am that Bayne S from HS and of course I remember you".  Looked at K's Facebook profile and most shocking part is she might look 10 years older than I remember whereas I look closer to the real 30 years since high school. 

K would also not qualify for Don's definition of a slumpbuster but managed to cash in $14k, won an FTOPS 2 seat made a little in cash and have run pretty well in $4k this far.

Want to breakout for Bodog Blogger series and FTOPS.

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