Sunday, October 05, 2008

W00t Live poker

Sadly went out 13th (10 paid) in my Morgan Hill poker tournament.  KTo raised too much from CO,  when I jammed he was getting 3.5:2 on his money and of course hit a K to beat QQ.

I successfully put 2 people on mild tilt and one person on severe tilt levels not seen so far this year.

2nd to last hand before rebuy ended I had 6600 chips and 68s.  Blinds were 300/600 so I raised to 1600 with main purpose being to be able to do rebuy and add at break, of course got 3 callers with A rag.  After I flopped pair and flush draw on A62 flop I felt jam was required and quadrupled up when I turned 2p and rivered flush.  The A rag that rivered 2p was not pleased.

Got moved to new table, picked up AA 1st hand and because it is how I run player to immediate right had QQ and felt need to shove to my reraise. Two hands later he raised again and I reraised and this time he chose to fold.  I did not show but said I had K"kings". While he was still muttering about picking up QQ and JJ in 3 hands and losing his stack player to his right raised bigger than he should have like he didn't want action and I looked at KK for real.  When I reraised and he called showing the suited JackAce I miraculously hit a King along with the Ace on flop and he stormed to cash table muttering about my card rackery.

Post my own bust out I wandered to cash game elated to see PL O8 being played with players who would go to felt with 3rd high or 3rd low.  Cruelly Mr JackAce got stacked by yours truly.  I did not bother to raise my A23J pre-flop as 7-9 players saw the flop whether it was $2 or $7 to see flop. AJA flop was beautiful, 8 on turn got JackAce to call pot bet trapping me as he was looking at A842, 5 on river was just cruel leaving him HU with 2nd nutz/2nd nutz while I had 4 perfect to scoop.

FYI: Waffle's dream girl M was there and sat to my immediate right most of night.

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SirFWALGMan said...

Can you ask her a question:

If I brought 100K to a poker game, 2/5 cash lets say.. would she play topless all night in order to get me to stay and have a chance at said 100k?