Friday, October 17, 2008

Bodog Blogger Poker Series

The Bodog Poker Series returns Tuesday October 28th.  This fall there will be 15 tournies (Tuesdays and Thursdays) leading into the$3k final tourney prize pool.

Each tourney has added prizes and new wrinkle this year is Bodog Casino credit.  The 1st time my wife hears the dice sound effect on the computer it's gonna be big trouble but the rest of you may be able to risk it.

Online poker did not go well for me this weekend.  My only MTT cash was in DD A and that was a weak cash,  I played weaker than normal late while watching Rays defeat Sox.  Another Sunday quality play took me out, UTG raises to 3k (with TT), CO "jams" to 4500 with the mighty KTo and despite flopping 2 pair with QJo river Ace hands the pot to the donkey.

No one tell the wife but I did net a couple of hundred in online craps.  Luckily it lacks excitement of real craps so she has nothing to worry about.

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