Saturday, November 29, 2008

"1940s Offense"

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A bitter sports expert referred to the Georgia Tech Offense as a "1940s Offense" as they ran all over his team in a previous game.

I missed the 2nd quarter of the Georgia Tech @ Georgia game as I had to go with wife as she got "routine mammogram". Ladies please get checked (Waffles will examine too but he is no expert).

We managed to get to StJohn's for lunch (they have a close to authentic Philly Cheesesteak available) and the start of a very enjoyable 3rd quarter. Outscoring rivals 24-0 in a quarter while outgaining them 204 - 1 is sweet.

I giglied Saturdays with DrPauly when I put Spaceman on AA rather than set of kings.


Miami Don said...

Congrats on beating Georgia.

I'm still pissed GT ran for 475 fucking yards against Miami.

BigPirate said...

40's offense hell. It's the wave of the future. You will start seeing the imitators soon enough.