Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Fawk Full Tilt's Bullshit RNG

Dear bayne_s,  
Your request to exclude yourself from playing on our website has now  been processed. As of 2008-11-06 01:41:17, you will be able to log  onto your Full Tilt Poker account, but will not be allowed to sit at  any of our real money (and/or play money tables).  In addition, you will not be able to deposit money into your player  account or participate in any player-to-player transfers during your  exclusion.  Your exclusion will end at 2008-11-06 13:41:17, at which time, you  will once again have full access to your player account and to all of  the games and tournaments on our site. You may request to extend your  exclusion period upon expiration, but at no time will you ever be  allowed to terminate your exclusion prior to its scheduled conclusion.  Sincerely,  Full Tilt Poker
Lost KK to TT aipf to exit Mookie.
Lost KQ to Q9s aipf to bubble one FTOPS 1 sat.
A2KK lost to A983 aipf to bubble FTOPS 2 sat.
AAK2 ds lost to 239K (3 of one of my suits) to bubble PLO8 FTOPS sat
My brief run at PLO cash A456 lost to 5789 all in in 234 flop where I had nut flush draw.
None of above matters if CHK continues to rise tomorrow.  WTF was with the 10 million shares bought early on Wednesday.


$mokkee said...

honestly, i can't stand playing there at all anymore. every other race ends in some sick suckout. it's dialed in for donkey shoves.

Shrike said...

Completely understand! KK vs. A7s AIPF, lose. -40 BB downswing in Stud08 ... FTP's rng is insane.


Tarmo said...

yeah its quite bulshit how end of tournament ppl starts suck out dif cards and won, something is frong

reddevil147 said...

the following is just a few screenshots i took in just one day at full tilt

reshit said...

I like the adult side include the supper hot girls.
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