Tuesday, November 04, 2008

An Historic Day

Today Demon Child turned 14, this is last Presidential election that she does not get to vote where I got to vote. Gawd I feel old.  In mock election in her school it was 236 votes Obama, 38 votes McCain and 10 votes for McKinney (Green).  I expect Bay Area to break about the same.

I did not see the clouds part after I voted, maybe that occurs later in the day as Obama descends to save us.  I did hear a woman from Florida that was so happy that after election she would not have to worry about putting gas in her car or how to pay her mortgage.  Since work had a lay-off yesterday where I was spared maybe I should come around and embrace full-blown socialism in case I don't survive next one.

Other big ballot measure in California is proposition 8, a gawdy $73 million has been spent by both sides and proponents and detractors were holding up signs outside all 3 polling places I passed this morning.  Both sides have very good ads but the NO side is playing up the discrimination angle, while the YES side's best ad has Gavin Newsome's arrogant "whether you like it or not it's here" from when the city started issuing licenses.

8 years ago when a similar measure was on the ballot my Mom was visiting and I got home right after voting to find a heated argument between wife and mother on gay marriage.  When asked how I voted wife was pissed because clearly gay marriage will certainly lead to gay divorce and then two lawyers make money.  My 1st landlord was a lawyer and always found an angle to screw every tenant he ever had out of their security deposit.  

But in ensuing 8 years I worked with Suzie and met her partner of 30 years Joan and my feelings toward lawyers have softened a little so I had to vote YES.

My parents certainly think I am going to Hell now.

Bodog is tonight for those that don't have 14th Birthday celebration.

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OhCaptain said...

Is this really the first time you've given your mother a reason to believe you are going to hell? Really?