Saturday, November 22, 2008


For those who want a new Online Poker Download with the option of playing an automated pushfest.

User Interface for tables has familar look though I find the Chongi Li from Bloodsport a little intimidating.

LockPocker RNG is very similar to current RNG on all other sites.
Whether it is this hand where we got all in pre-flop.
showing me Online Texas Holdem is not for me.
or my final PLO cash hand:

Dealt to baynes [ 8s 9h 7h 7s ]
chee***: calls
Simp***: calls
puck***: folds
Blac***: folds
adam***: calls
pref***: calls
baynes: calls
Rais***: calls
pdfh***: folds
mast***: checks
@@@ F_L_O_P @@@ [ 6c 7d 5h ]
mast***: checks
chee***: checks
Simp***: checks
adam***: checks
pref***: checks
baynes: bets $3.75
Rais***: folds
mast***: raises to $15
chee***: folds
Simp***: folds
adam***: folds
pref***: folds
baynes: is all in 17.2000
mast***: calls
baynes: shows 8s 9h 7h 7s
mast***: shows Td 8d 5s 4h
# # # TURN # # # [ 5c ]
&&& RIVER &&& [ 5d ]
*** SHOW DOWN ***
mast*** wins $43.40 with Four of a Kind, Fives

I did play some lunchtime PLO and Limit O8. Making money is clearly possible but there is some variance. In limit O8 there were numerous occaisons where people chased an A2 low on possible flush board one card to come (heads up or with many) and there was lots of betting non nut draws and non nut hands.
Lock does not offer rakeback and I did not study bonus program enough to evaluate.

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