Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Waffles Gift

Tonight the deluded one is the Bounty boy in the Bodog poker tourney. He was interviewed by bodog (obviously before his shallow Mookie run) and exhibited the extent of his lack of self-awareness. 9:05 PM ET on Bodog try to be blogger with position as he will exit early.

I made cameo appearance on BD Radio but every time I spoke my wife thought I was talking to her.

Continued a trend in 4k of going out 40-60th with AA. Some clown raised AT74 (suited Ace) I reraised my AAT8 getting 4300 of my 6k chips in preflop only to see Q72 rainbow flop where I got jammed and lost on turn 7. Beauty of hand is every time money goes in dude is 2:1 dog but once he calls pre-flop he is committed on whiffed flop as well.

Non-poker content follows:

US Bank has completed their fraud "investigation" and have concluded I opened "premier line of credit" and made transfer at "financial institution" on Aug 8. Wife and I do have a joint account at US Bank but it is really her account and my only trip to a US Bank branch was to pick up a moneygram when FullTilt's bank transfer and check requests weren't working for me. I am quite sure I would have remembered doing paperwork for line. I was quite drunk Aug 8 and spent most of day at Planet Hollywood's Pleasure pit playing blackjack, don't believe I borrowed an I-Phone to do on-line banking. Their customer service has been appallingly bad as they also refused to talk to my wife about the line sending her on full blown monkey tilt.

My theory on what really happened was a bank employee opened account for me in order to meet quota or bonus and there must be some transfer of funds component to bonus as funds were transfered from new account to account of wife's.

I would like to request of blogger community when you open new bank account do not choose US Bank! But if you do you were warned so your fault.


Drizztdj said...

I was about to open a "poker" checking account for blogging/poker winnings (HA!) and was going to US Bank today...

I'll probably stick with Wells Fargo now.

OhCaptain said...

We ran away from US Bank a few years ago. They so completely screwed up a line of credit we had that I seriously wondered if there was anyone there competent enough to pass Intro to Accounting.

My poker funds lie in wait at a credit union.

lightning36 said...

Nothing surprises me anymore, unfortunately.

I opened up my poker checking account at a different bank so that no one could ever access my personal funds. I liked the bank so much, however, that I now have a mortgage and a second mortgage through it. I have only used ATMs to withdraw and deposit ever since Netteller went kablooey. Maybe it is time to move my poker account to a totally new bank.