Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's Cold and Damp and My Sinuses are killing me

We need the rain and Lake Tahoe area has gotten a much needed 6 feet of snow or so since Friday. But rain somehow feels colder here then I remember it being back east.

During Event #24 of FTOPS XXXVI I managed to cooler 2 people for bounties early I had 77, CO had 33 and button had AT on a TT3 flop. Button raiser made a smallish c-bet on flop and I called as did CO only to see a 7 peel off on turn. I checkraised my boat and saw a wonderful shove and call ahead and watched a blank turn vault me into top 10. The 4th flop I saw near the break I defended my big blind against an EP raiser and 2 callers with an 87 sooooooooooted and was rewarded with a T96 flop. EP QQ went to felt on flop and I claimed 3rd bounty and vaulted into 3rd. Chad popped up in chat to verify I was just coolering people to accumulate chips rather than had acquired real poker skills. AT some point in 2nd or 3rd hour I noticed that about every 3 minutes another red pro bounty was announced. How many red pros does FullTilt have at this point????

LJ commented on my ginormous 200 BB stack and I pointed out key to my game was I had not picked up KK yet. Within 10 minutes I got my 1st KK and called a jam from the aggrodonk to my right who was only player at table with even half my stack and had jammed such stellar hands as A8, 77 and QJs for his life previously. He of course had AA this time and I did not improve. 7 hands later I picked up QQ and was priced in against a shorty jam and of course he had AA as well returning me to average stack size. I played decent aggressive poker until with rising blinds and antes I tried a resteal holding ATs from BB and button's AQ held up to knock me out.

On the positive side it is payday. Having a permanent job at a temporary company means you can really only be sure of receiving one more check. This is 1st company I have worked for that pays on 15th and last day of month AND pays on Monday (or Tuesday if holiday) if pay period ends on Sunday. Had a couple day sweat this weekend wondering am I unemployed and will California still be issuing IOUs as unemployment benefits if I am unemployed.

I do find the "threat" of laying off workers if budget is not approved to be ludicrous when the Republican state senators who are holding up budget want state spending cut more, a cap and not to increase taxes.

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