Sunday, February 01, 2009

Bankroll Blow Up

Saturday I ran really bad in SuperTurbo's. I had 6 bubbles where I lost with either pp to one over or with a better Ace. Spiral continued into Sunday Morning to point that I put $30 of my remaining $32 on FullTilt into a last Super Turbo. I won and went on a tear including a 4th in PLO KO. OPR did not exactly capture run but bankroll is back to four figures. knock wood. I do like when upswing seems to start with FTOPS coming up.
Congrats to Steeler's on Super Bowl win. Bad beat for Cardinals that Steelers got touchdowns at end of both halve's that were marginal enough to trigger review.

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Shrike said...

Happy to see such immaculate BR management work out for you.