Sunday, February 22, 2009

Running Better

During Survivor Thursday night there was a commercial for the "Santa Cruz Boardwalk Clam Chowder Cook Off". Kid loves clam chowder (New England not Manhattan), wife grew up a couple miles off a beach so I alertly picked up on their interest and suggested we go. Soon after the strangest things started happening in the Super Turbos. I had KK hold up against A rag. I had pocket pairs hold up against smaller pocket pairs and I finally defeated ATo while holding AK. I even started winning flips against "Snuffie". I cashed my 1st 5 Thursday night with 3 1sts before losing with KK against ATo and TT, but finished Thursday with 7 cashes out of 9 and 5 1sts.
Friday and Monday I also saw a rainbow as I headed to work after dropping kid at school and end of rainbow did seem to land near work parking lot each time. Today I learned we are partnering to bid a contract with 2 different partners so I am hopeful about long term employment and maybe a little bit of a cashout.
Teenage daughter was even nice to me this morning. Not a bad Monday at all.


KenP said...

Before there were computers, you'd buy graph paper by the ream, wouldn't you?


Bayne_S said...

Engineering pads.

Perfect for writing text but with graph grid on back that you could see well enough to draw a good graph.

DrawFlush said...

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I have recently (2months ago) redone/restarted my own personal blog which details my micro stake struggles of online poker, along with other useless paraphernalia . My blog was started as more of a personal venture to reflect on, so don't expect any ground breaking material to emerge from it.

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