Friday, December 04, 2009

16th Anniversary Today

All the overs long ago collected their wagers on how long this would last. I think the key to my marriage is wife is very tolerant of my faults and as long as I don't cross over into Chris Brown or Tiger Woods territory she will probably remain very tolerant.

Wife did inform me of latest Tiger offer for Elin to stick around this morning, I did not quite get idea of making it a business transaction but maybe Tiger's sponsors did.

I made mistake of sharing Chris Rock line that "A man is as faithful as his options".

Wife did jump right into "What are you saying?" had to respond quickly that Tiger is probably tempted with offers on a pretty regular basis where I am mainly turning down professionals during Vegas trips.

I don't believe I blew it for my participation is the Pokerstars added WPBT team challenge so will see everyone in Vegas next week.


DrChako said...

Happy anniversary!

My good friend Rob (best man at our wedding) was famous for putting his foot in his mouth. He got married before me and gave me some good advice:

- No bovine nicknames for your spouse
- She's always right

and the best

- when she tells you that a dress makes her look fat, never and I mean NEVER suggest, "Well, why don't you just lose some weight."


lightning36 said...

Congrats. Sometimes I really wonder how they put up with us. Or ... nevermind ...