Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Blogger Weekend Sunday

Sunday I managed to wake up before kickoff and headed to LaGasse's Stadium. I managed to get 2 morning parlays bet and found Luxury Suite #3 arranged by CJ and Al. If I ever hit at a start up again my basement man cave will be based on that suite. Watching Drizz and CJ wagering on 1st downs and punts via the Pallazo supplied blackberries was degeneracy at it's finest.

The wife paying off the purple prop bet was priceless. Vikings and Packers fans interacting is a funny sight, I think a lot of the camraderie is based on they are all too bundled up at games to really hurt anyone if a fight broke out and it carries over to warm environs.

Being a Bucs fan I have already given up on the season so my game focus was not good but the late Cowboys v Chargers game was entertaining.

LJ then took me out to dinner at B & B Ristorante as a reward for hooking her up with a room. After grilling the waiter over how everything was prepared a fine dinner began. I was allowed to choose the wine and found a good $13 dollar bottle for only a small mark-up. Food and Wine was good but it's possible we were a little annoying as the people at the adjacent table did request to be moved halfway through their meal.

We returned to LaGasse's to watch the 2nd half of the Eagle's Giants shootout. At this point most of bloggers opted to head toward Ip while I stayed behind as I was already in my hotel and had early flight (and worked Monday).

A final session of craps was required and as we walked by the Venetian craps table it was noted that they had no $10 tables but did have two empty $15 tables. Negotiations were begun to change the table to $10 or we would walk, I can now see some advantages of traveling with an only child (henceforth OC) used to getting her way as it would not have occurred to me to ask.

A few minutes later the pit boss placed the 2nd call upstairs and a $10 table was opened.

There were some good shooters and a lot of energy as OC was cheering for each shooter based on shirt worn and over time rest of table joined in. There were some tense moments as OC would rathole Green chips in her olive oil stained ghetto purse but then not have enough chips on table for a later come bet or odds. I would drop chips from my rail to keep the game flowing as ratholed chips were retrieved but then OC would get peeved that I would not give her $100 bill for her 4 $25 chips so she could buy in for 'more money' and improve comps.

The craps dealer and I also tried to convince OC that place bets were better in some circumstance than come bets as a)you get paid 1st time the number hits and b)if you have all the numbers covered a place bet pays better than a come bet not fully backed. There is also the psychological aspect that after you get all the points you just don't want to see a 7 on a come out roll.

The young asian dude to my left was shortstacking craps and saw some advantages to the place bets approach (but he was sticking to the 6/8).

At some point Asian dude did ask: "Are you two together?"
My answer: "Just for gambling"
OC's delayed answer: "Are you fawking kidding me? You don't think I can do better than him?" there were about 3 other questions until she got to "plus he's married and I like his wife and 13 yo daughter"

We played a while longer and then decided we would cash out 'after 1 more shooter', 1 more was repeated 3 times until we got to 'absolutely 1 more shooter' and then it was but I am rolling in 2 so around to you. After I rolled I colored up as the shooters at other end of table who had been hot were gone. I cashed out and came back to table to hear '1 more shooter' a few times. I walked away and picked up a 'Know when to say When' pamplet and drew laughs from stick and dealer as well as Asian guy but angry gestures. I waited a few more shooters and gave up saying goddbye and heading to my room for 4 hours of sleep before flight.


lj said...

beer before liquor never sicker. :( sorry if i insulted you.

Bayne_S said...

getting them to change table to $10, hilarious.

rat holing chips and digging for them a little annoying.

as for the rest no worries, but you can always just lead with 'he's married'

lucko said...

Welcome to my world.

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