Friday, December 18, 2009

Strange Day

No Poker Content:

Work today has such a weird vibe. Company is shutting down until January 4th for the holidays and to make the books look better. When I come back instead of being in office I will be working on a customer site for at least six months so it sort of feels like the last day on the job as well.

I had just figured out a week ago that I was good in new job when I got to visit companies biggest customer with only an hours advance warning. I spent a little time researching design that I had not seen before and figured out who to contact in Ottawa if I had questions and drove to customer. After few minutes in lab it was pretty obvious customer had neglected to supply clock and that was root cause and I was out the door by noon. Customer happy, bosses happy, Bayne happy as no issues with blogger weekend.

Next Year I will basically be returning to my job of previous 9 years just at a more successful company. The other plus side is I already know 2 of my co-workers.

I will be somewhat off net as we embark on Disneyland Christmas Vacation, there really are no religious overtones to that, possibly followed by skiing in Tahoe.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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