Monday, December 14, 2009

Another Blogger Weekend Complete

Being on the job 2 months AND promising to take the demon child to Disneyland for Christmas can lead to an abbreviated blogger weekend due to a lack of vacation time.

I arrived in Las Vegas at 8:00 pm, checked into Pallazo and then met up with LJ, Recess and Schaubs at the Venetian Poker Room. After distributing keys, the girlie ones headed to the room to primp for MGM while LJ and I headed to Casino Royale and Caesars for craps.

I arrived a little late to MGM and led by Iggy and the South Carolina bloggers a $1/$2 game had ~$5k on table. At this point I decided to head to the bar to value drink the 32 oz Stellas. With the 1st one being $9 and subsequent being $6 I had to have a few to get average cost down.

Biggest surprise was waffles was already at the bar, Marshall of course normally arrives after midnight but either the divorce or the drink brought out the waffles we all know from blog and chatbox rather than meek /quiet Marshall. Lots of fun was had by all as Pauly (I think) started idea of chipping into to get waffles a hooker to celebrate his divorce, which led to a lot of speculation amongst the male bloggers about how waffles could improve his game.

I did ask the female bloggers near the bar if they hated waffles (as he insisted)? Heather, Texas April and Betty Underground all denied hatred. Discretion does force me not to reveal who amongst them did express complete indifference. I also learned that there are more craps degens amongst bloggers than just myself.

Saturday marked the blogger tournament which April did a great job setting up.

Also mad props to CJ, Otis and G-Rob for setting up the 3 man team last longer challenge!
And a special thanks to Pokerstars for the added $2k prize money. I would also be remiss if I did not thanks Schaubs for forming team roach with Gnome and myself then bailing to form a Canadian team (really??? have you seen fuel play in tournies?) forcing Mark and I to bring Recess into Team Roach.

Our hostess was seated to my immediate right at the start of the tournament but exited somewhat early to a blogger that shockingly liked to limp call with KJo out of position. In the levels before the 1st break I got dealt QQ 4 times and survived, I probably folded a good hand once and managed to collect a nice pot to get above starting stack when I managed to have flopped quads hold up.

I folded a lot between breaks but luckily time passed quickly as Smokkee and Blinders traded nittyness barbs and Pauly and Iggy traded barbs on a wide variety of subjects. Heather was keeping close track of last longer and at 4 table point she that we were down to 2 complete teams.

My table finally broke to get to 3 handed and I found myself with position on eventual champion Astin. I have to believe the complete fear of me cracking his AA with some suited connectors kept him a small stack not willing to make a move until I busted. I was relatively shortstacked but had outlasted Maude to aid Team Roach when I jammed Ts9s from ep. Unfortunately 7 handed there is still a chance someone will pick up a monster and JoeSpeaker was sitting on the jackAce, despite 2 spades and a backdoor straight hitting flop I was unable to improve and my chips finished 3rd with out me. Fortunately Mark and Alan ran deep to secure the team last longer, my wife was so impressed with the fine trophy that she will let it sit on dining room table until she romves the Santa themed stuff.

Recess has a better phone/picture on his blog.

Sunday and part II of the awesome work of UpforPoker crew to follow ......


KenP said...

when I managed to have flopped quads hold up

Something here disgust me...

I'm sure I am not alone!


Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Hmmm... some key details appear to be missing from the craps table...