Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Longest Day

Being 2 months on job means I do get to go to WPBT. But I have already allocated all my vacation time earned to take wife and kid to Disneyland for Christmas. It's brutal to know that the festivities have been ongoing all week for some tards. Hurts a little more that so many others arrive a day ahead of me but at least I can console myself with knowledge that waffles will arrive later than me.

I could probably pull off sneaking out early tomorrow as I am either doing very well or very poorly at new job. My employee number is US001 and I was brought in to help land more California business and get company into bigger accounts. I cannot say that I am good at estimating effort a project will take or writing statement of work describing accurately what a customer wants. I definitely have lost patience with one potential customer who I believe will be a bigger pain in the ass than doing design projects for him will be worth.

On the other hand I was very good at doing high speed board design and interviewed well at a Dow 30 company, worst case I start working on a 6 month contract January 4 but may start sooner.

Being a guaranteed profit center rather than overhead for 6 months certainly adds to the job security. I may have to ask CEO if I can fly out tonight.

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