Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Get out and Vote

I will now also offer my guide to how to vote:

1) Vote against bond issues - If they need something done figure out how to pay for it rather than agreeing to pay a lot more later without knowing how.

2) If in doubt vote NO on propositions. I do vote YES at times but for the most part propositions tie the hands of elected officials and California is already screwed over by past propositions.

3) If you are happy with how a part of government is doing re-elect the incumbent, otherwise vote them out.

Demon child's school is doing well despite limited money/student School Board is re-elected.

State Assembly - you are out

Brown, Whitman, Carly and Boxer - I am sick of your commercials, I decided to vote based on which one of you last showed a positive message about what you planned to do rather than a negative ad about your opponent. I am mainly pleased you will stop clogging the airwaves as I doubt whichever candidates win will do jack shit.

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