Monday, November 08, 2010

I had better weekend than Cowboys

We threw Demon Child a small "Sweet 16" party this weekend at Left Bank. Wife was manic the last week as she completed planning and preparation. Demon had involvement in selecting menu but was not aware of many of the details, the carefully prepared table centerpieces (Tall candy jars with Eiffel Tower Chocolate lollipops), the balloons, that a few of the apartment neighbors were invited. Demon's BFF showed up but 2 other friends ended up bailing on her. Sunday noon-ish, day of fall back parties may not be the best idea. Demon did tell her Mom it was "best birthday ever" so overall a success.

Saturday to help wife prepare I had to take Demon to Los Gatos for her "teen facial", I so love sitting around in a spa on a Saturday. Afterwards we went to local Wells Fargo to deposit a birthday check from the grandparents.

We learned Demon is too old to continue to have her current savings account (with no fees). Demon now has a new savings account and checking account. This week she receives her ATM/Debit card in the mail.

Kid is downright giddy about this. After I got over my initial shock I decided it was a good thing.

Demon can make deposits and check balance at ATM but can't make withdrawals. She can use for point of sale transactions and I got to set a limit on transactions and she can not overdraft.

Wife thinks I overdid it with the limit as I went for $100 rather than $20 that bank person said was standard starting point. Problem was if kid wants to shop for clothes $20 is useless and I don't want a call to approve a bigger purchase. $50 bills are bad luck so I went for the $100. I think kid has deep pockets and short arms so it will be interesting Christmas season to see what happens to her savings.

Poker wise I have just been grinding Rush PLO cash. Yesterday after the party I was watching early football on DVR and playing some $25 Rush. I flopped trips out of the blinds twice against AA where I quickly checked flop. I turned 4 of a kind and led out turn and got 2 callers and managed to get stack in on river against AA tard twice. I think key was I was paying so much attention to football that flop check was quick. Other key of course is people overplay AA in PLO all the time.

Demon's final present arrives today. #65 49er's jersey. She does know it is coming and it was her that selected the number.

It was interesting NFL day, Wade Phillips got to coach 2nd half of Cowboy's game, Childress is still a coach. I am a little disappointed Buc's lost to Falcons because they never ran a play for Freeman on after they got in Red Zone in 4th. Leading 6 4th quarter comeback victories in 16 NFL starts I would have thought he has ball in his hand once? Post game press conferences he always looks like he is teenager being forced to wear a suit but he may have that knack for "clutch". Bucs could easily be 1-7 instead of 5-3 with their low payroll, youth and 14 rookies on roster. I think it is good that I am a little disappointed, expectations are rising.

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